Monday, June 28, 2010


Ingrid Michaelson

I had a weird moment this afternoon and switched on the television.

Ingrid Michaelson, one of the artists who I have really felt myself drawn into loving, is on live at the artists den on PBS. Well, she's nearly finished now.

I've spent the last hour picking up house to the sounds of a really talented woman in concert :) ... a lot of music I wouldn't have been able to hear otherwise, too!

Silly little thing to bring so much joy, but things have really been moving much better than I'd expected and I think the music has lifted N's spirits, too.

I guess it's an old episode...

Doesn't change my good mood, though.

Just thought I'd share XP

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Fantastic Fathers!!!... and a little love for Mom, too XD

I can hardly thank one without thanking the other, considering that they're the two strongest male influences in my life.

I owe so much to my own father, DDN, who made sure that I was fed, cared for, and on a good life track as I grew. My siblings and I never had reason to question whether or not he loved us, as my dad always made it his heart open to us. I still think about him every time I pass a snack cart at a little league game, go to the movies, or see a large family with an evidently strong and involved father. Or when called "M.R." or "Mr." :) Thank you so much for putting us first! I love you, Dad!

And to my husband, DAH, who has been a source of support since... well, since I was 14, but most especially in the last 5 years. You make my every day a better one. You inspire, affirm, and anchor me and our boys. It seems like it's been forever since the days I would drag along anyone I could convince to the swimming pool just so I could stand at the top of the slide, but I pray that it is, in fact, a moment in comparison with the time we are given together. The way you adore our boys is a constant source of joy for me. Thank you for being our rock! I love you!

And to all the men who devote their lives to the priesthood. A special thank you to Fr. Richard, Fr. Buettner, Fr. Antony, and Fr. Vincent. Thank you for your sacrifices and I pray for your continued presence as reminders of our perfect Heavenly Father.

As I began this post, I thought about the hectic chaos that was Mother's Day (in the hospital...remember? ... & here's the short version ... anyway, it occurred to me that I hadn't actually posted a thank you to the woman who showed me what a wife and mother should be!

To my mom, MCN (those initials are so familiar :), I am so grateful to have someone to call for all those little things that leave me going, "Wait, huh? Uh-oh!" I know that I can depend on you for grounded and faithful advice on, well, everything. You taught me how good it can be to sacrifice, how important it is to be supportive of those you love, and how to "know them by their fruit."  I am only ever more amazed by the sacrifices you made, and as each becomes more apparent to me, I become increasingly floored. Thank you for all of your lessons, but especially for always reaffirming that God provides. I love you, Mom!

Lord, You are our Eternal Father. You are Love, and Your goodness is unending. Grant wisdom, love and guidance to all fathers on this day especially. Today we heard Saint Peter recognize Your Son, and we likewise recognize You as our Father. Remind, the fathers in our lives to look to you as the example of love and fatherhood. 

We make this prayer in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Saturday, June 19, 2010


Set the Scene

As silly as it is, whenever I find myself getting impatient and short-tempered with others, I think about a scene from the children's PBS show, Arthur. In this scene, Arthur's little sister is whining at him to please help her, and he considers the reactions he could have and the consequences of his reactions. It's this scene that speaks volumes to me about how my choices affect those around me.

As a mother, I am increasingly aware of the fact that I have the power to set the entire tone of the household. If I snap at D when he gets home, it is likely to change his attitude for the rest of the evening. If I have dinner ready at the same time every day, D and N both react well to the consistency. If I clean, D and N tend to keep in motion. If I show patience, I find that patience is shown to me.

So I try to keep flowers in the house, the floors picked up, and dinner ready on time. I'm not always great about it, especially when our lives are off-kilter for some reason, but I try. And I see the rewards when I do succeed.

How do you work to set the tone in your household? What are some of the nice touches you find helpful? Or, conversely, what do you find sets your family off?


Book of the Week

It's a standard, and most mommies I know are VERY familiar with it, but I couldn't not pay a little tribute to Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.

We love mooing at the cow that jumps over the moon, meowing with the kittens, squeaking with the mice, roaring with the bears in chairs, and "hush"ing with the little old lady.

N is very diligent about waving goodnight at each page, too. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010


Wednesday (Friday) Wish List

Yeah, I'm late... Whoopsie!

This week's wish list...

1. For the sun to stay! Please, oh, please, I am so worn-down by this rainy weather!

2. For those lovely big green strawberries, blueberries & raspberries in our yard to ripen! I am waiting ever-so-patiently for the bliss that is fresh fruits!

3. An "outing with the family" day. Considering that Sunday is Father's Day (!), I think I can accomplish that ;)

Baptism Photo Shoot!

Knowing our (very active) little boy, D and I scheduled a pre-baptism photo shoot for the boys.

They started out uncooperative...

But then Daddy gave N his glasses to play with...

And Mommy used a blanket to play "pee boo"...

And finally, they got to shed the uncomfortable clothing...

And my little guys were once again as happy as clams. :)

And D & I got some pretty adorable photos out of the deal, too!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Cooing Sweetness

I can hear T babbling to N, while N does tricks in front of him.

I love the noises of a content baby. The cooing, the exploration of his voice, the bursts of unexpected giggles... it brings so much joy into the house!

For all the headaches they give me at times, my boys certainly do keep me grounded and happy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Slipping into Self-Righteousness

Do you ever find yourself, like me, slipping into feelings of self-righteousness and increased self-worth?

Lately, I have been more observant of these bad habits, and I have been trying to combat them. It's very difficult work, and I'm barely chipping at the surface of my pride and arrogance. :-/

To accept that someone else could be right, and I could be wrong, particularly in regards to something about which I feel strongly, is a huge struggle for me. To put such a gouge in my pride as to admit that I'm simply not taking actions that glorify God is... well, frustrating. And yet I know that what I consider a gouge is simply a dent... oddly, it gives me strength. I suppose it's because I am such a stubborn and tenacious person.

Even small actions I take clearly show my self-righteousness, my arrogance, my pride...

Driving home, I find myself aggravated by the speed of traffic, drivers making decisions with which I don't agree, etc. I find myself elevating my opinion of 'proper' driving, making myself a sort of small 'god' of the road.

Of course, my parents could tell you that I've always been their 'little Hitler,' an effect of my personality combined with being the eldest. But didn't you know? My way is clearly best.

What a ridiculous notion, that my way is the best way!

When my soul knows the Truth that His way is The Way. That any way that isn't His is certain to fail me in the end.

So now I am trying to pause when I find my emotions beginning to run high. I am trying to think through my biases. I am trying to channel God's love when dealing with those around me.

How do you struggle with pride? In what ways do you overcome your struggles?

Lord, thank You for my many blessings. Thank You for opening my heart to Your Word. Thank You for touching my life with two wonderful children. Teach me to walk in Your path. Help me to submit my whole self to Your will. Give me the courage and wisdom to follow You, especially when I struggle to understand the directions You follow. Remind me always that I am redeemed through Your Son and not through my own actions. Give me the strength and humility to ask Your mercy and forgiveness. Continue to remind me that I am never righteous in and of myself, and help me to lean on You so hard that Your absence might cause me to fall. Help me also to instill in my children a love of You and trust in Your promises.

I pray this in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


A Day Out

We went out on Monday with family friend, RS. Walked around, ate, looked at books, went back home, put kids to bed, and sat around a fire for a couple hours.

N loves *LOVES* going for walks in the stroller.

When we got home, N promptly got his clothes all messy... So he spent some time harassing Daddy in just a diaper.

Then he made up to D.

Meanwhile, T spent some time with Aunt N.

And then some time on his tummy.

Wish I'd thought to pull out my camera and take some pics by the fire.

Oh well.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


After the slack...

Things that have kept me from my blogging routine (although it does seem as though every time I post lately it's an apology for being gone so long!)...
.Aunt N has been in town (staying with us) for about 2 weeks, and things get crazy with visitors.
.D's older brother and sis-in-law (Uncle D and Aunt R) came into town for about a week, and there were many family BBQs and such.
.D's younger sister (Aunt Miche) graduated from Cornell and then came into town for about a week.
.D's younger brother (Uncle P) graduated from high school.
.T was baptised! Yay!
.I've been working at a comedy club as a waitress. It's interesting and fun and part-time, which is good.
.D is in school now, 30 hours a week.

Many more descriptive posts to come, but for now, suffice it to say, we've had busy but good visits with people, T's baptism went very well, and D is enjoying schooling. In the flurry of life, things are good.