About M Hastings

 Championing the pro-life cause, M Hastings is frequently considered an earsore to close yet differently-minded friends and family. As an aspiring young journalist, she is frequently heard spouting information about abortion-related news. After getting pregnant with her first son, N, she experienced a renewed faith in the Roman Catholic Church and a strong heart for what she considers the greatest civil rights injustice of her time: the government-sanctioned homicide of over 52 million pre-born human infants. 

Her other passions include making God a part of her everyday, playing with her children, and learning & spreading the truth about Catholic teachings.

M Hastings associates as neither a Democrat or a Republican, believing in the sanctity of all human life from natural beginning to natural end whenever possible. She encourages an open dialogue, though she is still learning apologetics and sometimes is too impassioned for her audience & communication. She accepts the fact that she is a sinner but tries to maintain a holy mindset whenever she is able, and makes a concerted effort to remind herself and those she knows that the glory belongs to God.