Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fantastic Fathers!!!... and a little love for Mom, too XD

I can hardly thank one without thanking the other, considering that they're the two strongest male influences in my life.

I owe so much to my own father, DDN, who made sure that I was fed, cared for, and on a good life track as I grew. My siblings and I never had reason to question whether or not he loved us, as my dad always made it his heart open to us. I still think about him every time I pass a snack cart at a little league game, go to the movies, or see a large family with an evidently strong and involved father. Or when called "M.R." or "Mr." :) Thank you so much for putting us first! I love you, Dad!

And to my husband, DAH, who has been a source of support since... well, since I was 14, but most especially in the last 5 years. You make my every day a better one. You inspire, affirm, and anchor me and our boys. It seems like it's been forever since the days I would drag along anyone I could convince to the swimming pool just so I could stand at the top of the slide, but I pray that it is, in fact, a moment in comparison with the time we are given together. The way you adore our boys is a constant source of joy for me. Thank you for being our rock! I love you!

And to all the men who devote their lives to the priesthood. A special thank you to Fr. Richard, Fr. Buettner, Fr. Antony, and Fr. Vincent. Thank you for your sacrifices and I pray for your continued presence as reminders of our perfect Heavenly Father.

As I began this post, I thought about the hectic chaos that was Mother's Day (in the hospital...remember? ... & here's the short version ... anyway, it occurred to me that I hadn't actually posted a thank you to the woman who showed me what a wife and mother should be!

To my mom, MCN (those initials are so familiar :), I am so grateful to have someone to call for all those little things that leave me going, "Wait, huh? Uh-oh!" I know that I can depend on you for grounded and faithful advice on, well, everything. You taught me how good it can be to sacrifice, how important it is to be supportive of those you love, and how to "know them by their fruit."  I am only ever more amazed by the sacrifices you made, and as each becomes more apparent to me, I become increasingly floored. Thank you for all of your lessons, but especially for always reaffirming that God provides. I love you, Mom!

Lord, You are our Eternal Father. You are Love, and Your goodness is unending. Grant wisdom, love and guidance to all fathers on this day especially. Today we heard Saint Peter recognize Your Son, and we likewise recognize You as our Father. Remind, the fathers in our lives to look to you as the example of love and fatherhood. 

We make this prayer in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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Tooj said...

That is a very heartfelt list of thank yous. I'm certain that each recipient felt the sincerity you possess. It's nice to slow down and really take a long look at the good things in our lives.

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