Monday, August 02, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training

Weeeelll, life got away from us. And when N started waking up & entertaining himself for a while before calling to us to get him out of his room, he also started wetting his diaper in the morning. Previously, I'd been bringing him to the toilet first thing when he woke up. Now, it's been months since he used the potty last and we're struggling about getting him to use it again. No matter how often I put him on the toilet, he just waits until he has a diaper on (or else waits until he can no longer hold it).

Honestly, I'd be willing to accept slowly working through this if not for one thing: N hates soiled diapers so much that he will pull off his pants and take off his diapers if they are even just wet. It's incredibly irritating at the least to find a stray dirty diaper. Far worse to find a little boy covered in his own mess...and then to have to track down the stray diaper (after dealing with said messy boy, of course).

So I'm not doing it anymore. I have drawn my line in the sand. He will be potty training.

Today begins our marathon. We started the day in the bathroom, but since it's small, it wasn't going to work for both babies and me. So now the potty is in the living room (on a bathroom mat) and I have an eagle eye on my little guy. He really doesn't like it. He is insistent that he needs to wear a diaper. I'm not buying your shtick, buddy.

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