Sunday, August 01, 2010

Crawling Talking & Opinionated!

As promised, an update on the boys!

T started crawling! At first, it was rocking on his hands & knees and then catapulting himself onto his face. He would seriously use this as a method of transportation (silly guy!). It was pretty adorable. But now he crawls all around the house. He likes to get himself standing supported on things but then seems to get stuck a lot. It's nice to have him a bit more independent though!

I've noticed that he is going through more of a "stranger anxiety" period than N did at this age. He seems much more clingy to D and I than he had been, and his routine is all-important. This sometimes gets frustrating (like when I have to go into work, or when D and I want/need a date night) but we're working through it. It helps to have a baby carrier and his big bro around.

N's vocabulary is growing all the time. He's still on 2-word sentences like "No nap", "Go walk". "Hi Dad" and "Love you", but he is constantly using new nouns. This morning, he kept pointing to his closet saying, "bike" which had me completely confused until I saw that he was pointing directly at a shirt that had a bike on it. He also uses, "Off" and "On", "open" and "closed", and "yes" and "no" more accurately now. We're getting ready for his second birthday on the 18th! :)

2 Responses to “Crawling Talking & Opinionated!”

kasey. said...

baby j was the same way about stranger anxiety and he still is...and b is the same way about routine. people think im crazy but he needs routine to make things less stressful on him and us! isnt it amazing how different two little boys can be!?

Tooje said...

It's amazing how quickly the mobility stages go, and then the talking phases. My first baby's 6th birthday is on the 19th. Aaahhh! Where does the time go?

Happy Monday.

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