Thursday, July 01, 2010

Another Late Wednesday Wish List

1. To my son, N, I know you find my bouquets fascinating and beautiful. Pulling them apart and bringing them to me is not the best way to indicate this. Nor is tearing the petals from the flowers. Please don't make me put them all out of reach. I like my little end table bouquets.

2. Wishing for a nap. Wishing ardently for a nap.

3. Monday is the hub's birthday. Please let all go well.

4. Belly be gone! This baby belly is just hanging on. I don't care so much about numbers. My weight is actually at a healthy number. It's the fact that it's all fat and none muscle right now that's bothering me. Trying to get some abdominal workouts in. Please, I'd really like to see some changes!

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