Thursday, July 01, 2010

Fresh Fruit!

mmmmmMMMMMmmmmm.... I love when fruit starts to come ripe, and this summer, the hubs and I brought the boys down to visit Grandma E & pick some strawberries & cherries! Yummers!

We now have 3 gallons of strawberries (went through about 3/4 gal already). We ate the cherries and have our own strawberry, blueberry (not ripe yet), and raspberry plants producing! Yummy yummy!

I have noticed one slight problem though...

Some of the strawberries are planted on the side yard, which is at the end of our row in our complex. Meaning, other renters walk by there frequently, and we've noticed that they've been picking the strawberries. Since we have gallons of strawberries, we haven't been worrying too much about it, but we also have 3 tomato plants, basil, and a blueberry bush over there. The family that we know is picking (it's a very small complex w/only 3 other apartments) doesn't really speak English, and we don't want to be rude... We'd be fine with them picking if they'd asked, or if they were helping to maintain (ie, water and weed), but they're just grabbing berries when they go by. How does one politely indicate that this is an issue? I don't mind sharing, really, but I'm worried we won't get any of the blueberries... There are very few because it's a baby bush... :-/

Advice? Am I just being stingy?

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