Friday, July 30, 2010

Hello, World!

Yikes, life has been busy busy busy!

Not that it excuses me for completely failing to update.

D's birthday has come & gone. 7/5. We had a BBQ at the park on the fourth and that served as a 4th of July/birthday party. We got cheesecake because he's not a big cake person. I got him little toys: a car mp3 player and some other miscellaneous stuff. He really wanted a book reader, and I was planning on getting him one, but his brother, PS, gave him an itouch which is now his favorite toy ever and his book reader.

D and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary 7/22. I got him a useless electronic toy (a tablet mouse, because I knew he wanted one but couldn't justify its purchase). He got me a few things: a beautiful charm bracelet with charms for our patron saints and our sons' patron saints, a lovely kinetic watch, and a new ruby for my wedding band.

I'm not a big fan of diamonds (too bland, overpriced, and bought off the exploitation of so many people), so my wedding band has always been a ruby (red is my favorite color & his birthstone), but when we were first married, we didn't have the money for anything more than a tiny little stone. It's beautiful, but we're upgrading a little. The original stone will be going in a pendant necklace that we've had (waiting for it) for about a year. (I'll update with photos when I have the ring with the new stone in it).

We've also starting the formal homestudy course for Couple-to-Couple league Sympto-thermal Natural Family Planning. It actually isn't as confusing as I'd expected... except for one thing: being postpartum means I haven't had a menstrual cycle yet, so everything is a bit up-in-the-air still. I have to be incredibly diligent and cautious about my notations. So far, so good. And they have us set up with a personal guidance counselor of sorts for the program, so that helps, and I get the feeling it will help a LOT over time. I'm really really feeling positive about it, actually.

I think that catches you up on us... Another post on the babies to come!

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kasey. said...

i thought i posted on here the other day but i may not have followed the whole process to post it.

anyway, i would be interested to here more of your thoughts on NFP...i have researched it a little and it seemed really confusing to me!

M Hastings said...

I posted on NFP a while back... don't know if you saw it... but have since been successfully using it! :) The hardest part, for me, is remembering to take my temperature before getting out of bed!

I'm just now reviving this blog, and I'll try to get a post on how NFP works up here soon!

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