Thursday, January 27, 2011

Developments in the Home

Well, it's been a really long time since I talked about the boys and what's new in our lives, so let me give you the 4-1-1.

D graduated from technical school in November and we've been looking for jobs since. They warned us not to get our hopes up to be employed in less than 3 months, but of course, we always think we're better than that, don't we? It's frustrating to be stuck in a waiting period, but that's where we are. Waiting, praying, and trying to seek out God's plan for us. Trying to hear His response to our prayers. We know He has a plan for our family, and we want to follow it. Sometimes, though, we are weak-willed.

N's vocabulary is developing more rapidly than ever. I am regularly amazed at a new word he has picked up or a new phrase or habit he has developed. Some of his most notable behaviors:
-when asked to do something he doesn't want, he responds with a big sigh and, "Fine!" I am not clear as to where he developed this but DH and I are trying to nip it in the bud without drawing too much attention to the behavior.
-when in a particularly good mood, if you do something that he appreciates he will tell you as much by saying, "Oh, thank you! Thank you very much!" although this comes out more like, "oh, fank you! Fank you bewry much!"
-he collects. Mostly cars, but I also find shoe collections, stuffed animal collections, pants collections, you name it. Most frequently what I find, though, are collections of his cars in odd places. A box that is designated for one thing will become a car 'garage' without me realizing it.
-blankets! N LOVES blankets!

My potty training adventures, by the way, were a bit of an overstatement. He is still in diapers. This morning I cleaned out a pair of poo-filled underpants because I didn't beat him to the punch. Dangit. We're still trying, though. We're still trying...

T has become a toddler while I was blinking, I think. At about 11 months, he began walking, and now is quite sturdy on his feet. He jabbers away and has a few words but mostly mimics sounds. He gives kisses, which is absolutely adorable, and waves goodbye. He is relatively good about naptime and bedtime, although he doesn't always go down easily. He has become picky...well, picky for one of my boys anyway. His favorite snack foods (which he gets RARELY) are bits of Daddy's beef jerky and my homemade popcorn (which despite having very little salt and zero butter is out-of-this-world good!). He climbs the stairs, up and down, which is nerve-wracking. He thinks his older brother is the greatest guy ever.

I am working part-time, which I enjoy, and spending most of my time with my God, my two little guys and my amazing hubby.

And that's our lives in a nutshell. Keeping up the daily everything, loving our boys, and
 focusing on His plan.

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You are amazing and your family is so beautiful! I just want to thank you for the great comments on my blog. I am so glad you found the Bubble and I hope you will continue to be part of the "family" and keep commenting!! :) :)

M Hastings said...

Thanks, Leila! I'm really glad I found the Bubble, too! :)

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