Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where is the Outrage?

It has already been an eventful year for the pro-abortion crowd in the States, from the revelation of Kermit "the Fraud" Gosnell's heinous practice to Planned Parenthood's sex trafficking escapades.

Through all of this, I have waited to hear abortion advocates' outcry, not exactly forthcoming, and wondering what it is about the pro-abortion movement that prevents the sort of vocal outrage that one might expect at these atrocities. Certainly, if an Ob-gyn were caught sabotaging his patients in some way, there would be uproar. When Acorn was caught in a similar sting operation by James O'Keefe, it made at least some upset in the media.
 So what is it about abortion advocates that they refuse to take a firm stance against this sort of degradation?

Why is it that when something heinous happens, there aren't a ton of liberal feminists screaming their outrage at the Kermit Gosnells of the world? Why don't they want Cecile Richards to explain herself and STOP her organization from helping sex traffickers to hide their illegal, oppressive and downright evil behaviors? For that matter, why isn't there any upset among those who want to empower women over past Planned Parenthood stings that revealed PP employees pointedly lying to women in crisis?

Why is it that, in the effort to shelter abortion rights groups from the big bad threat of "anti-choicers," abortion advocates have managed to completely sell out some of their most basic principles? Why is it that we don't see more women's liberation groups incensed over the mistreatment of women, the lies, the obvious objectification and usury of not only women, but young girls as well?

Abortion is a business that preys on the fear, the desolation, and the insecurities of women experiencing dilemma. And in order to propagate that business, advocacy groups would go to some deplorable measures to deceive and use the women they are supposed to be empowering. Is that the choice you desire?

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