Sunday, March 07, 2010


We enjoyed a day at the park with JB & RS on Saturday.

N was SOOOOO happy when we got there and he saw them!

JB let N ride the walk to the play structure on his shoulders.

Then it was straight to the swings!
N climbed up the rock wall and went down the slide...
T watched ... and slept...
Mommy brought milk, pb&j and oranges, but N was far too busy to eat.
Then eventually he just tuckered out...

N doesn't ask for much. He's young, so he's easily entertained by a trip to the park, some snacks, and attention. I've found, though, that it doesn't have to be exhausting loads of my attention. It doesn't have to be about me running around and getting tired while he is. I can stand, hold T, and swing N in the swings and that's about his favorite activity. I can encourage him to go down the slide over and over again, and while I need to be at the bottom, he is perfectly happy to do so. It's just important that I'm there and paying attention to him.
What N really can't stand, and I think this applies to many young children, is when I just don't pay attention. I don't have to take him to expensive events all of the time. When he was first starting to get interested in what was going on around him, I felt compelled to bring him to activities that I thought he would find exciting. I've since learned.

Mommas, don't stress out if you can't get up the money/energy to get to the zoo and children's museum and every other exciting event your 2 year old will never remember. It's more important to him/her that you're there and paying attention than the event itself. Appreciate that while your little ones are still little ones. Bring your little guy or girl out to help you garden. Teach them about the activities you're doing, and occasionally, bring them to fun cheap places nearby, like a local park. But pay attention to them! That's all they're really asking for at this age, anyway!

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