Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Haircuts.. How do you?

We recently cut N's hair for the first time...

I had no idea what a time we were in for when we started!

I decided to do it at home. *BIG* mistake, given that our tools were...lacking.

First of all, N is an extremely curious child, and didn't want to sit still at all while I ran the clippers through his hair.

Add to that, he has incredibly fine hair which flows right through the guard without getting any shorter.

Mix in a nervous mommy.

Stir a bit and come up with...

An uneven head of hair...

So, how do you mommas do it? Cut hair at home? Bring them to a salon? Let Daddy worry about it? Share advice, stories, whatever. Let me know! :)

2 Responses to “Haircuts.. How do you?”

Mama Foster said...

i did ben's first haircut too and was so nervous. i even had corbin's grandma walking me through it (shes a hairstylist) and it ended up not going so great but everytime we are in town or they come to see us i watch her cut corbin and bens hair and have practiced a little because lets face it boys get their haircut a lot more than girls do! so i could save a lot of $$ if i learn this art! you could always watach a video on youtube or something. and i must confess corbin and ben generally get their haircut at great clips or somewhere that offers a good coupon when nanny is not in town!

jamie hixon said...

You wrote on my blog... thought I would return the favor.

I just cut my sons hair (he's two and this is about his 6th haircut) and I know what you mean about the fine hair. Usually I miss all kinds of hairs, but I always think "It is good enough!" I can't bring myself to pay somebody to do it.

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