Monday, March 08, 2010

Our Photographer the Saint

Just got some of the originals from a couple photoshoots with a friend of mine. While going through them, I was blown away by her patience. I think I would have been yelling, "Hold STILL!" by some point!

I thought I would share a typical selection of some of them...

We didn't realize just *how* patient she'd had to be.

Because this is the sort of work that came back to us...

Now we realize how lucky and loved we are.

Thank you, RS, for all of your hard work! We love you!

2 Responses to “Our Photographer the Saint”

Rae said...

gorgeous pictures! She's definitely got a gift for grabbing just the right moment.

Having a beautiful family like yours doesn't hurt, either.

Dawn Jenkins said...

It is so hard taking pictures with little kids, but the ones at the bottom are beautiful!

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