Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Lila Rose's Undercover Videos Released

Well, I mentioned Lila Rose & LiveAction's sex trafficking sting on Planned Parenthood recently. For roughly a week, there has been discussion about whether or not there was anything to the videos. Turns out, there was.

Specifically, LiveAction exposes these laws being broken/manipulated:
1. Sexual Abuse Cover up
2. Aiding and abetting statutory rape
3. Aiding and abetting minor prostitution
4. Aiding and abetting human trafficking
5. RICO/conspiracy/racketeering
 Planned Parenthood supporters cite the FBI report filed by PP only days before LiveAction released their full video. So, a few questions:
-If PP did indeed have a problem with the supposed sex trafficking, why wait to file a report? Even so long as to inform the FBI that they believed it was a sting.
-If PP suspected foul play, why wait until yesterday to suspend & then terminate Amy Woodcomb, the manager depicted in these videos?
-If this is not, in fact, condoned by Planned Parenthood as a whole, what is attracting all these people to Planned Parenthood positions? (Note: those are 3 different links each to pages with multiple videos & employees)

Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood CEO, brought the press into this last week, when they filed the report. According to VP for communications, Stuart Schear, Planned Parenthood's investigation found that the purported sex trafficker worked for LiveAction. One must, therefore, wonder why PP's investigation found no wrongdoing on their part prior to yesterday morning, when LiveAction released this video.

I wonder if we will be seeing similar videos from LiveAction hit the blogosphere in the next few days. While I'd rather believe that most counselors, at PP and otherwise, would turn these folks away, I would also really like to see Planned Parenthood bring about their own demise. For now, perhaps this story will be enough for some expectation of greater enforcement at PP clinics. And perhaps better auditing....

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