Monday, May 03, 2010

Godsons & Gifts

I have a godson with a birthday on Friday. I have a birthday present to bring him, but am curious, what do you folks do for godchildren? Anything special, or just fun gifts they can enjoy? Bring it back to God? Yes? No?

I ask specifically about godchildren because, well, they're a slightly trickier subject, considering that you're a spiritual guide of sorts. But I'd love to hear all about things you love to get for kids in your lives!

One response to “Godsons & Gifts”

eh.mio said...

Hi M! thanks for your comment, your family is adorable. Tough question above, but I would give the child something you might share once he grows up, may be something related with music, or something related to an activity you might enjoy in the near future. :)

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