Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Our Big Big Plans

Today, D will be meeting with an advisor at the Northwest Renewable Energy Institute. Should all go well, he will be beginning classes in June for his Wind Energy Technician certification. The program is 6 months long and includes lifetime job placement programs. His dad teaches classes for the institute and has highly recommended that D get in on this. It seems like a good direction for my oh-so-brilliant yet (careerwise) unfocused husband. He doesn't have to sit at a desk all day (something that makes him go completely stir-crazy), he gets to use his incredible brain, and the opportunities in the field are huge.

So we're looking for the signs and the doors seem to be opening up to us. Should they start closing, we'll begin to consider the situation, but for now, we're optimistic. Of course, we still have to finance it somehow.

Guide us, Lord. Show us your will and your way. Amen.

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Hmm. . . never heard of this institute??!! Sounds great! Will pass on the info to my son! Happy Tuesday! :)

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