Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

-Oh, that my camcorder would communicate with my computer like it used to! This is my big wish of the week! Please, camcorder, communicate with my computer without making me lose my videos! Please, please, please! sidenote: if anyone has advice on how to fix this problem in a JVC Everio 20GB camcorder, I would love to hear from you. Yes, I know it's a longshot.

-For D to unload the dishes without me asking first. Don't get me wrong; he's great about doing it when I ask. But my pipe dream wish #2 is for him to know before I say it. I know, I'm SUCH a woman.

-N, my darling son, please please eat your peanut butter and jelly as a sandwich! It is NOT an oreo, and I really dislike the waste of bread.

-To get rid of the jello which resides in the southern hemisphere of my torso. Baby belly, be gone!

2 Responses to “Wednesday Wish List”

CAB said...

He he he, my eldest used to do this - she'd open up the sandwich and use her finger to scrape all the pb&j off....sigh

Tooj said...

Children and their food habits! :) I wish I could serve my kids a nice PB&J....darn peanut allergy. On the other hand, OJ would probably do something messy and wasteful as well, considering he eats his morning oatmeal with his FIST.


He holds the spoon in one hand and fists the oatmeal into his mouth. He knows better.

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