Monday, May 03, 2010

What I Came Home To

I've meant to blog about this for a while, but things being busy, I hadn't gotten to it until just now! Shame on me!

As you may know, in March I took the boys across the country to visit their grandparents and attend the funeral of my sister who was stillborn in mid-March. When we got home, my darling hubby had found this for us online:

An 8-candle sconce. And a steak dinner. XD

Have I mentioned I love him?

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Linda Tunnell said...

I'm sorry about your sister. Again may I tell you what a cute family you have, husbands that wonderful are hard to find these days!You did a great job picking.bless you and your family

M Hastings said...

Linda, I think I just got lucky! XD Goodness knows I didn't have any clue what I was doing when I decided I liked him at *gasp* 14 years old! Of course, I *did* get to know him before I married him 5 1/2 years later (yes, I was a young bride). :)

Thank you for the condolences.

thewindhover said...

M, I'm so sorry to hear of your little sister; though I know we have a great, unfailing hope in a God who loves and cares for us. And will one day be reunited with all our loved ones. I'm glad you could take your babes across to be with your parents. As for that husband of yours! He sounds like a mighty fine catch. That candle sconce is beautiful. Blessings, Emily

p.s. thank you for your kind comments on my blog; I very much enjoying reading yours.

thewindhover said...

and its nice to know another young bride (or rather mature and beautiful woman) around these parts! I was two months short of twenty-one when we got married in Feburary :)

M Hastings said...

Congratulations on your wedding!

And on your recent birthday! ;)

We actually had friends of my sister, who had never met me, pay for the tickets for the boys and me to fly out. D would have joined us if not for work. We were incredibly blessed to have an excellent support system that allowed us to be together to grieve. And I know that DMN is up there putting in a good word for us with the big guy! Looking forward to the day we will be reunited!

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