Saturday, May 01, 2010

Knitting Adventures

In a recent attempt to be more productive with my time, I started knitting... and when I say started, I mean started. I used my good friend to teach me how to knit, purl, increase, decrease, bind off, and after some time, what k2togtbl (or p2togtbl) means and how to do it... I am amateur at best, but I have 2 finished projects (rather, 2 of the same finished project) under my belt.

The first one I did wrong. Rather than moving the yarn in front of the needle each time I did a knit stitch, I moved the yarn behind the needle each time. This, it turns out, makes all the difference.

So here's N in my *first* finished project:

Having successfully (if incorrectly) completed my first ever knitted project, I started on another sweater vest, same style, for my 3 yo godson, KC. After researching why N's sweater vest came out so thick and bulky, I came up with this for KC:

So there it is! My second-ever knitted project! Looks a little lumpy in the left photo only because it's sitting funny, by the way.

Next on the agenda is this handsome sweater ... if I can actually figure out knitting on circular knitting needles and/or in the round. I have the tools, I have the ambition, do I have the skills? We'll find out, I guess!

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