Friday, May 21, 2010

Where is?

Today, N put together 2 words to ask a question. It wasn't a full sentence, but it was the basic concept of one. :)

Yesterday, I pulled out a couple of toys that had been hidden for a while (we just have soooo many toys!) and this morning he was looking for one of the wooden shape peg things for a  shaped peg puzzle. He pointed to the board, complete but for the one, and asked D very clearly, "Where is?"

D found the peg and gave it to N.

Then right before he left for work, D got him to say, "Yes, please" but to be fair, that was coached.

What you must understand, however, is that I have had the darndest time getting 2 syllables out of him together (with the exception, that is, of "pee boo"). Twice in one day, and with repeats, I should add, is quite the feat!

No response to “Where is?”

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