Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Much Appreciated Gift

While N and D were in the hospital for N's dog bite, I brought T home for the night (we just couldn't all stay in that little hospital room) and found this little gift on my doorstop:

Well, it was actually in an ugly envelope for the mail, but this is what came out when I opened it.

My package from Noelle Garrett Designs! Oh, what perfect timing! Right when I needed a pick-me-up!

You'll have to forgive the terrible lighting, but I'd love to walk you through the fabulous packaging job these folks did!

Once I opened into the package (which I had to convince myself to do, because it was so pretty I actually had a hard time opening it!) , this is what I found...

Oh, aren't these tags just beautiful!?

From the moment I opened into it, I knew I was getting well-loved items. They're carefully and lovingly packaged, they're unique and individual designs, and they're just such a wonderful blend of paper, lace, and embellishments!

Thank you so much to Carrie; you brightened up an otherwise very difficult and stressful day!

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