Tuesday, May 11, 2010


N has a fever now (has had since "the incident") and the doc says if it persists, we'll have to have him seen again. I've had my fill of doctors, hospitals, and pediatrician's offices for a while, I think, but whatever we have to do to keep my guy healthy, I guess. I just hope it doesn't involve another hospital stay.

In other news, I got my lovely package from Noelle Garrett Designs the other day. I will be posting about it more in a separate post, so as to give it proper tribute (because some people just do things RIGHT). We also received our baptism outfit for T, which wasn't a consistent fit, but fortunately, the pants & coat *which didn't fit him and didn't have any baptism-related insignia* DID fit N perfectly. So we went out, found a pair of white pants (no easy feat), and now have matching outfits for the boys. SO CUTE! Fortunate happenstance, or Divine Intervention? You decide.

I've discovered that I can, in fact, knit on circular knitting needles. It's coming along nicely. And the color is so beautiful! And the yarn is soft, too, which makes me quite happy.

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