Tuesday, May 04, 2010

If you could be me right now

Oh, if you could spend an hour in my shoes, you'd never want to go back.

Of course, after that hour, N would wake up in a fit over something, T would be roused and upset, and you'd realize you didn't know what was for dinner. You'd go into the kitchen to start it and be reminded of the mess you have to deal with. You'd start, but N would have finished his banana and be fussing to get down. T would have messed his onesie and you would have to get him a new one. And inevitably, someone would fall on something and there would be that to deal with.

But then N would kiss your cheek, or mimic your pain dance, or bring you a book. And T would give you one of his sweet little grins. And you'd remember the meatloaf sitting in the freezer, easy to thaw out and just waiting for a day like today.

And D would call and tell you how much he loves and misses you. N would fuss for the phone, which you would hand over (after putting D on speaker). You would talk to each other, N cutting in with the sporadic "a-go, uh, yeah, hi" and you would feel the home of this life.

This life is a good life.

But you can't have mine. Get your own ;)

3 Responses to “If you could be me right now”

Hip Mom's Guide said...

Awww, that is a good life. :)

Shopgirl said...

Love this!!!! Hugs, Mary

CAB said...

Very sweet - lovin' mine too! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting recently - your boys are adorable!

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