Sunday, May 02, 2010

Things I Love

My husband
My sons
My family
My friends
Good days at Mass
Our church
Sun on my back
Clean rooms

Feeling fresh & clean
A cold glass of milk
Walking into a house that smells like dinner
Perfect hair days
Hot cocoa on rainy/windy nights

The boys' smiles...and smiles in general
The smell of fresh coffee
For that matter, the taste of fresh coffee
Finding sweet home accessories for low prices, particularly at yard sales/Goodwill
Doing funny things for N to imitate
Wind chimes
Good food
Finishing projects
Brushing my hair
Long baths
Hot showers
Kisses & hugs from my favorite people

N's incredibly long eyelashes
Artwork with soul
When D lets me sleep in an extra 30 min or hour
Homemade gifts
The women at Fabric Depot who obviously made their kids' ADORABLE clothes
Delicious desserts


2 Responses to “Things I Love”

Joy Heather said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog..we like the same things...I have added my name to your followers list, and hope to drop in often..Have a good day..Joy

thewindhover said...

A very fine list; you capture so many of the good things in life - especially walking into a house that smells like dinner, honey, smiles, wind chimes, homemade gifts, sun on one's back...

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